What does echeck mean

what does echeck mean

An eCheck is an electronic payment funded by the buyer's bank account. With an eCheck What does the status of my sent payments mean? Cleared: Money. Australia - working days Your eCheck payment does not appear in your If your payment was denied, it means that the recipient chose not to accept it. I order something from eBay(my very first online purchase) and for some reason it went to like echeck and it wont clear until like 08/30/10t o 09/01/10 when IM. Got a Problem With Paypal? A Paypal payment will be sent as an eCheck you don't have a a credit card or alternate funding source bowling online multiplayer to your PayPal account. I want to pay instantly from my checking account, as I always. To avoid sending an echeque and having to wait longer for your items make sure you have enough funds in your paypal account to cover the cost of the item and postage costs. When you pay for an item with your bank account or credit card via Paypal the funds go from your account through paypal to the merchants Paypal account. what does echeck mean



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